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Jo-Ann De Jesus Africa DDS Inc
G e n e r a l  &  C o s m e t i c  D e n t i s t r y
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(909) 904-7778 ~ Fontana, CA 92336

    We started general dental services in Fontana in December 2015. This dental office is owned and operated by Dr. Jo-Ann De Jesus Africa and her husband Ron Africa. We felt this location had the greatest potential, based on residential population. Our priorities include education, smile care and maintaining good oral hygiene of our patients.
    We deliver comfortable and high-quality care for all ages. Quality time (we never overbook appointments), honesty and satisfaction are our main goals. Our office offers affordable payment plans to accommodate all sectors of our community. We accept most dental PPO insurance plans.  Digital technology gives us precise X-rays, together with an Intra-Oral Camera, which help us communicate effectively with patients and insurance companies. This means a new level of educating, comfort and peace of mind for all patients, to perceive the doctor's diagnosis.

  Services & Technology
General & Cosmetic Dentistry
Cleaning & Prevention Treatment
Teeth Whitening 
Digital X-ray (90% Less Radiation)

Intra-Oral Camera
Root Canal (RCT)  
Composite Filling  (White Filling - Restoration) ONLY

  No More Silver (Amalgam) Fillings
Gum Disease Diagnosis-Treatment & Maintenance
Dentures (Full & Partials)
Wisdom Tooth Extraction 

BruxZir® Solid Zirconia Porcelain Ceramic Crowns   & Porcelain Bridges               

iDentist 92336